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My name is Wajih Chaudhry. My name means graceful in my native language.

I was born in the same village as the first Pakistani Nobel laureate. But, I grew up in the United States in the Midwest and South. While there could be a whole story there, it would be too long for this profile. In any case, I experienced a number of hardships in my early days. Thankfully, I worked really hard and remained optimistic enough to get into Stanford University on a full-ride scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

I am currently in my senior year majoring in History. And eventually, I plan to go to graduate school for neuroscience and medical school for neurosurgery.

I would describe myself as a curious thinker with interests in a number of fields. I always try to keep a practical spin on everything that I learn. When I am not pondering the big questions or tinkering with ways to optimize my life, I can be found drawing, rock-climbing, and farming ~

This website is my electronic portfolio for the Notation in Science Communication (NSC) Program.

The NSC Program was developed at Stanford University with the purpose of helping scientists become better communicators to promote innovation and collaboration in academia.

I first got into the program when I noticed that science papers were extremely difficult to read. It would take me hours to read a simple neuroscience paper! But, I noticed that certain scientists like David Eagleman (neuroscientist) or Robert Sapolsky (Primatologist) were able to explain these advanced topics with ease and simplicity.

I had to learn how to better communicate science.

At the start of my journey, I was a real beginner. If you saw my scientific papers, they were all about decorum, claims, and a ton of confusing details. There was no emotion or simplicity. But, I eventually learned what to do, and my scientific identity started to change. Science does not have to be a dusty tome on a bookshelf. It can be dynamic.

I hope this portfolio conveys my experiences in a variety of scientific domains as I grow from a novice into a professional communicator.