3. On Flesh Machines


Before this website was a NSC portfolio, it served as a personal blog, where I would write down my random thoughts. During this time, I had a bit of a obsessive streak while trying to understand the nature of reality. While I had dabbled in philosophy before, I did not find much purpose in the detachment of Buddha or or the constant questioning of Socrates. As I developed my own style, I came to believe in eliminative materialism, where states that everything can be defined through material, scientific terms. One of the fruits of labor in understanding this new philosophy of science came through a article aptly titled On Flesh Machines.



These kinds of articles gave me more experience with making scientific diagrams. While the Eliminative Materialism diagram with the red and blue boxes came from Wikipedia, the second diagram on usable energy was produced by me. If this image had been in a text format, it would have been difficult to convey the complexity of the topic without writing at least 3 additional paragraphs.


Reflecting on this work, it was the start of my desire to make steps out of biological processes. I often find myself trying to make up simple procedures to help myself accomplish tasks. This is especially useful given how complex behavioral neuroscience can be. It can be extremely hard to do the right thing when you do not have clear steps. Are you supposed to focus? Power through? Ignore things?

Future Growth:

If I were to do this work or another similar work in the future, I would add more about what it means to spend energy. Obviously, neurons are growing, but I do not think that many people make the connection that neurons grow when we change a philosophical belief like “I am a victim” to “I am privileged.” These kinds of small tweaks should allow a individual to access more biological energy, which I think is extremely important. Upon reflecting, it seems that little details can greatly influence the meaning of a work.