8. Your Homo Sapien Brain: Quick Start Guide


This presentation was originally done for a short neuroscience class where the prompt was “how can we use the brain?” Given this task, I began thinking to myself that it was odd that we even needed to have a lesson on the brain; we lived with the human brain for 24 hours a day. Yet, we still had trouble with it! Hence, I came up with the topic of a quick start guide – something like a start guide for a electronic product you would buy at the store.


Learning + Application + Future Growth:

In the future, I plan to apply the lessons from Your Homo Sapien Brain to make more efficient, engaging presentations. Color can be a useful way to distinguish what information is important. The use of strong declarative slides can also allow the audience time to pause and consolidate prior slide information.

Originally, I thought of presentations as a way to share all the information I had learned. But in hindsight, a presentation was a way to present certain bits of information to the audience. I am glad that I have grown to see presentations as a art-form rather than a simple information channel. If given this project again, I would like to spend more time on some of the visuals. I think images of the brain showing some of the cause-and-effect steps of “the fundamentals of behavioral control” would be nice as understanding the brain can feel very abstract. I had once heard the line that science is like watching nails grow. You know they grow, but you hardly ever see them growing!