10. Ape Force


Based on the Indian Historical Epic Vasistha’s Yoga, Ape Force was a concise personal series on how to live life – featuring heavy influence from the philosophy of science and neuroscience. It was originally published on a popular comic-sharing website.

At first glance, it does not seem possible to talk about such a spiritual text in a scientific context. However, I realized that the spirituality could actually be better understood through the objective lens of science. Ape Force was designed to save the the reader from the behemoth task of reading a 1000 page epic with tricky metaphors and descriptions!


The full story can be read here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/ape-force/list?title_no=462167


By completing this series, I learned a great deal about how to communicate science in doses. If I created a entirely scientific series, it might intimidate readers, preventing spiritual and scientific growth. I also learned how to visually represent complex topics. For example, the philosophy of science is very dense; many thinkers have spent entire lifetimes no the subject. Luckily, I can communicate the causality of science with a simple image of a stationary weight-set in a dream world.


While this series was quite innovative compared to my prior series, I plan to apply the lessons I’ve learned to create even more engaging series. For example, I want to see if I can further carry the series into a full-fledged independent comic. This series would follow the memorable apes as they learn science step-by-step, achieving success internally and externally. In another case, I would like to see if I can create more scientifically detailed stories while maintaining a engaging flow.

Future Growth:

Finally, the story of Ape Force is by no means perfect. In total, the series amassed about 300 unique views. This is nice, but some series can garner far more views. In some cases, it could simply be a matter of what series get on the front page of a website. If I would do this series again, I would have learned how to better advertise it on social media platforms (which I currently do not use). In a way, attention could be a positive tool if it was used to teach science and wisdom.