1.) The Basics

Existence can be defined by two key points:

  1. The universe is mechanical.
  2. Living beings require energy.

If you read my previous articles, you hopefully already understand the mechanical nature of the universe.

2.) Energy

The next logical step would be energy.

All energy comes from a unknown event / the big bang / a higher-powered mechanical being. It does not matter where the energy comes from; in any case, everything requires energy!

As a simple model, all humans receive their energy from the sun.

As a simple model, all humans receive their energy from the sun. If you are interested in this topic, please look up Ecosystem Energy Flow charts.
This image provides a scale of the Sun’s size (and energy) compared to Earth.

3.) Biological Determinism

Inheritance can be seen from parent to child.

A bacteria cell practices inheritance for its offspring.

In the case of Homo Sapiens, we are not blank slates. We inherit dispositions from our parents. This is how a child can inherit wit, intelligence, bravery, addiction, anger, etc.

Now, here is the million-dollar question: how can you change any behavior?


It should be noted that you do not have to do all the work. The heart, a powerful autonomic muscle, diligently works 24/7. Additionally, the brain does operate on efficient feed-back loops. So, if I think a thought such as “I am actually very privileged” one time, this new thought may automatically come up at later times. Of course, the feedback loops work just as well for useful and limited thoughts.

Of course, you do have to do some work. There is no such thing as magic. Let’s say you have a pessimistic brain. The brain will only change when you exert energy into being optimistic – AKA the chicken comes before the egg. As a metaphor, you cannot find stronger muscles, you must build them. You won’t find optimism. You have to build it!

4.) Other Notes

Neuroscientists do not know what part of the brain contains the inner voice, but it doesn’t really matter – there is a non-localized physical inner voice. We know it is physical because of cases like Phineas Gage.

Gage experienced changes in his personality due to physical brain changes.

For example:

  1. My inner voice neurons says “I want to do more pull-ups.”
  2. Overactive adrenal (stress) neurons say, “I don’t feel like it.”
  3. Exert energy to to overwhelm the adrenal neurons.
  4. Exert energy and do the pull-ups.
  5. Feel better after accomplishing your goal.
  6. Eventually after a decent amount of time and effort, it will feel easier to exert energy, because you have strengthened new neural pathways and allowed harmful neural pathways to weaken. 

As a reference point, you don’t see a fingernail grow, but it does grow.

This above information reminds me of the toys with the phrase “batteries not included.” This advice is nice but “energy is not included!”

“Science is the most respected and feared of modern ideas. […] We respect it because we want the power science promises. We fear it because we fear its corrosive effect on our customs and sense of identity.” –  Marcus Bowman, The Last Resistance: The Concept of Science as a Defense against Psychoanalysis

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