On Why All Psychology is Biology (Neuroplasticity)

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“You believe in a God who plays dice, and I in complete law and order.” Albert Einstein

I’ve read a lot of books – almost too many to count.

From all this reading, I’ve concluded that we live a mechanical existence, which is defined by science and causality.

Here are a examples of the mechanical causality:

Cause Effect
I fire a neuron about a friend.I send my friend a text.
I am taught Hinduism.I become a Hindu.
I am taught Christianity.I become a Christian.
I imagine a stressful situation.My cortisol levels rise.
I imagine being loved by a higher power. My serotonin levels rise.

Considering that the brain has billions of neurons, you can imagine this process a magnitude more complex. But in any example, the science stands!

From the Eliminative Materialism Wikipedia Page

Everything from love to morality must have a scientific root. Let’s use a stupid example.

Let’s say that research finds that short people are scientifically better than tall people in every possible way. This research spreads like wildfire, and everyone miraculously believes it (meaning that everyone grows the “short people are better” neuron). The next day, you would find magazines full of short models, short guys getting a ton of matches on Tinder, and capitalists trying to sell flat shoes.

It all comes back to causality.

From The Power of Mental Force by Jeffrey Schwartz and Sharon Begley

Going back to the Einstein quote, he was actually proven wrong. Physicists are finding things in the universe that do not follow standard mathematical rules. While physics is beyond my capabilities, we do not need to worry about this advanced work. The craziness only applies to things like mega black holes, wormholes, etc.

Since we live on Earth, our existence is 100% mechanical and causal – especially considering that our scientific tools have not picked up random changes or other absurdities (such as changes in weather tools due to Jupiter being in alignment).

Finally as a useful note, Organicism is the philosophy that believes: while the universe is made up of mechanical parts, the sum of the parts can create something greater than the parts.

Yes, everything is a causal reaction, but these reactions mean something – be it cleaning a park, holding hands with a companion, etc. However, the idea of giving meaning to a causal reaction is a literal mechanical neuron. So, life is a bit of a delightful paradox!

Extra note:

As a scientist, I must maintain a small level of plausibility. The idea of the brain being a causal mechanical system is the best hypothesis scientist currently hold. Thus, I plan on running with it.

‘A woman asked Thomas Edison, the electrical wizard, “Mr. Edison, what is electricity?” He replied, “Madame, electricity is. Use it.” Electricity is the name we give an invisible power which we do not fully comprehend, but we learn all we can about the principle of electricity and its uses. We use it in countless ways.’

“The scientist cannot see an electron with his eyes, yet he accepts it as a scientific fact, because it is the only valid conclusion, which coincides with his other experimental evidence. We cannot see life. However, we know we are alive. Life is, and we are here to express it in all its beauty and glory. “

The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

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