On How to Stop Smoking or Change Any Habit (NoFap)

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Most people struggle to change their behavior. However, some people do manage to change. How do these people change? Well, there is no one better to ask than the notorious ex-smokers.

I have gone ahead and taken relevant excerpts from a excellent book.

[The] poor smoker [is] forfeiting a lifetime of:


“The thing that makes it difficult for us to give up is fear. The fear that we are being deprived of our pleasure or prop. The fear that certain pleasant situations will never be quite the same again. The fear of being unable to cope with stressful situations.

In other words, the effect of brainwashing is to delude us into believing that there is a weakness in us, or something inherent in the cigarette that we need, and that when we stop smoking there will be a void.



Not only is there nothing to give up, but there are marvelous positive gains. When smokers contemplate quitting smoking, they tend to concentrate on health, money, and social stigma. These are obviously valid and important issues, but I personally believe the greatest gains from stopping are psychological, and for varying reasons they include:

  1. The return of your freedom and courage
  2. Freedom from the slavery
  3. Not to have to go through life suffering the awful black shadows at the back of your mind, know that you are being despised by half of the population, and worst of all, despising yourself


They light up and take a deep drag, thinking, ‘Aren’t we lucky? We have got our little reward. The poor non-smoker hasn’t got a reward.’

The poor non-smoker doesn’t need a reward. We were not designed to go through life systematically poisoning our bodies. The pathetic thing is that even when smoking a cigarette, the smoker doesn’t achieve the feeling of peace, confidence, and tranquility that the non-smoker has experienced for the whole of his non-smoking life. The non-smoker isn’t sitting in the church feeling agitated and wishing his life away. He can enjoy the whole of his life.


‘Just one cigarette’ is a myth you must get out of your mind.
It is just one cigarette that gets us started in the first place.


Stop seeing that isolated occasion and start looking at it from the point of view of the smoker. You may be envying him, but he doesn’t approve of himself: He envies you. Start observing other smokers. They can be the most powerful boost of all to help you of it. Notice how quickly the cigarette burns, how quickly the smoker has to light up another. Notice particularly that not only is he not aware that he is smoking the cigarette but even the lighting up appears to be automatic. Remember, he is not enjoying it; it’s just that he cannot enjoy himself without it. Particularly remember that when he leaves your company he is going to have to go on smoking. The next morning, when he wakes up with a chest like a cesspit, he is going to have to carry on choking himself.


It is like not being able to sleep. The more you worry about it, the harder it becomes. In any event you won’t be able to forget about it. For the first few days the ‘little monster’ will keep reminding you, and you won’t be able to avoid it; while there are still smokers and extensive cigarette promotions about, you will have constant reminders. The point is, you have no need to forget. Nothing bad is happening. Something marvelous is taking place. Even if you are thinking about it a thousand times a day, SAVOUR EACH MOMENT. REMIND YOURSELF HOW MARVELLOUS IT IS TO BE FREE AGAIN. REMIND YOURSELF OF THE SHEER JOY OF NOT HAVING TO CHOKE YOURSELF ANY MORE. As I have said, you will find that the pangs become moments of pleasure, and you will be surprised how quickly you will then forget about smoking.

Whatever you do DO NOT DOUBT YOUR DECISION. Once you start to doubt, you will start to mope, and it will get worse. Instead use the moment as a boost. If the cause is depression, remind yourself that’s what cigarettes were doing to you. If you are offered one by a friend, take pride in saying, ‘I’m happy to say I do not need them any more.’ That will hurt him, but when he sees that it isn’t bothering you he will be halfway to joining you.”

Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr

Cigarettes like many bad habits are just tricks!

[Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay]

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