“Why do we face pain?”, I asked myself as I carried myself to the climbing wall again. Over the past few days, I had been going through a minor existential crisis on pain.

At a basic level, I knew why we faced pain. We face pain to get stronger and better at our sport. Duh. I even understood the Buddhist precept that life is suffering.

However, the basic answers were just not cutting it today.

I walked back to the problem (a V6) in despair.

“Why do we face pain?”, I asked myself.

“We just do.”

My unconscious had somehow produced the answer.

THERE IS NO WHY. There is just a lot of pain.

With that answer, I faced the problem again. It hurt. It sincerely f**king hurt.

After failing to get the problem again, I went home and knocked out 100 pull-ups.

Was there a why to the pain? Nope. It just f**king hurt.

[Image of me completing a V4 Pink Dyno rockclimbing problem]

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