This is a adapted fable.

Once upon a time, there lived two clans. The Wolves. And, the Humans.

These two clans each boasted a tremendous amount of power – and they hated each other. Whenever they would see each other, a battle would be imminent. For centuries, these battles occurred – until one random year.

It was day like any other. The wolves were roaming, and the humans were gathering. Per some random chance, a young female had strayed from her camp during her berry harvest, and a wolf had strayed from his territory while chasing a hare. It was in that moment that they saw each other. The female, afraid of the unknown, froze when she saw the wolf. The wolf raised his hairs for he had heard the stories of how his ancestors had been killed by the humans.

Yet, neither attacked or called for help. Both stood and observed each other. Maybe, it was their age; it allowed them to see without the biases and worn grooves of the old. Or maybe, it was their curious dispositions which happened to meet in life.

Both left the encounter with a silent recognition that the other was not a enemy.

Eventually, dogs would descend from the wolves – thanks to the actions of these brave two souls.

This story symbolizes the clash of established ideas and new ideas.

Someone might have generations of hatred inside of them (link on how to handle racism and discrimination), but the hatred can be changed by one individual. We are all avenues for change.

[Image by Skeeze from Pixabay]

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