On the Mental Wall You Can’t Seem to Overcome

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This is it. This is the day. You are going to go up to that person, and ask for a date. However as you begin to approach, you freeze. You’ve experienced this feeling 100 times. It’s the mental wall. You can’t move. If only there was some tool to overcome the wall. Maybe, you need a new perspective or some ancient mantra? While a new perspective and mantra might help, you know that’s not the answer. Sorry my friend. You don’t need a technique. You need to break through the damn wall.

“But, how do I break through it!?”, you ask.

If you are anything like me, then I know that you have all the mental rationalizations to face the wall. You know that you are exaggerating the situation and that you’ll be OK.

You have to enter the space where fear meets courage.

However, I know that (despite reading this), you likely didn’t end up talking to the person.

[Image by Peter H from Pixabay]

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