The Law of Attraction believes that if you think about something, then you will manifest it.

Ok. Try this out (if you will).

Let’s say you want a glass of water. Think about this water. Think very hard about it. Think for ten minutes straight. Did the water manifest?

Thinking does not work unless it is paired with action. It does not matter how much you think about something, it won’t magically appear!

You could think about a castle for 100 years. It would not appear unless you took action towards the castle.

Similarly, you could think about getting a email from someone. You could think about it for 20 years. You still wouldn’t get the email – unless by some independent fluke the person decided to email you.

All of your thinking is happening in your brain. There is not some magical connection that is connecting you and someone else. When you think of someone else, you are thinking about them in your own brain.

The next time you think very hard about something, ask yourself if your thinking is actually getting you anywhere.

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