From childhood, we pick up certain behaviors. These behaviors make up our comfort zones. While some people are born with amazing comfort zones, the vast majority of people have very limiting comfort zones that prevent them from ever achieving their goals.

Let’s say there’s a young person named Bo.

Bo’s comfort zone is to play video games all day. However, he wants to have a loving relationship and a adventurous life.

How can Bo leave his comfort zone?

The solution is to use the “what if” mentality. This mentality states that when we open up our mind to new possibilities, we are able to take new actions.

What if:

  • I eat healthy and actually enjoy it.
  • I talk to that person, and she is actually interested.
  • I go on that run, and my body loves it.

What if we can do the things that we are scared of?

We developed these old beliefs when we were young, unconsciously creating them to protect ourselves. At one point in our lives, they might have even served a necessary purpose. They helped us make sense of the confusing or painful world around us. As a result, these core beliefs are embedded in our sense of self and the world around us, and takes time and energy to shift. […] With an attitude of curiosity, we can start to try new things, take new actions, and ultimately get new results. – Aziz Gazipura, The Solution to Social Anxietyr

[Recommended reading: Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins]

[Image by Daniel Kirsch from Pixabay]

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