On Failing Even Though You’re Good

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You have mastered yourself internally, and you have everything you could need, but:

  • you aren’t getting the sales you need.
  • you aren’t getting the relationships you want.
  • you aren’t getting the fitness level you want.
  • basically, nothing is going the way you want.

Here is the solution.

  1. Are you exaggerating?
  2. Are you being grateful? It could be alot worse.
  3. Have you tried everything?

“Yes, I have tried everything! Nothing works!”

“Really? You’ve tried everything? Count the things you tried.”

“Ok, well, it was actually one or two things.”

“Ok, so try something else – even if you’re frustrated friend.”

[Adapted from a lesson by Tony Robbins]

I once saw a documentary of a extremely young elephant family that was ostracized by the other established elephant herds on a reserve. It must have been difficult for the young family. They were a lively and social bunch – but, they were still failing for no good reason.

[Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay]

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