You’re in a coffee shop. As you get your warm milk and honey, you notice a attractive person reading a book. In fact, it’s a book you’ve read before.

You imagine yourself going up to them, having a conversation, and walking away with a coffee date. But as soon as you have the thought, you start to cower. You think, ‘Why would they want to talk to me? They probably don’t want to be disturbed anyways.”

You are waiting for them to pick you… You have to pick yourself. You are allowed to do what you want (within reason).

This is not elementary school anymore where someone calls on you. This is the real world, where disobedience is just as valuable as obedience.

Besides, if they are reading in a coffee shop, they (probably) have a inkling of sociability.

So, what’s that thing you haven’t done yet?

[Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay]

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