For some people in life, everything is serious.

When they see a child laugh, they say the child needs to be disciplined. When they make a mistake, their emotions of rage flood over. When they fail at their goals, they fall into states of depression and frustration.

These people can’t enjoy life. They live in perpetual pressure.

What is this bizarre obsession with yourself? How many times can you read your own words, inspect yourself in the mirror, or tell tales of your exploits and experiences? Why this impulse to sell your story to the world, as if you have accomplished something noteworthy? All the times you have enjoyed laughter at another’s expense, it should have occurred to you that your own conduct cried out for derision. Your flaws are, indeed, a laughing matter. It is better to embrace this fact than to maintain delusions of superiority. You cannot, with a straight face, sing your praises any longer. Your life is, at best, a comedy. –

William Ferraiolo, Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure: Stoic Exercise for Mental Fitness

If more people saw their lives as comedies, life would probably be easier. The only caveat is: do NOT share your comedy with serious people. They will not be able to see the comedy! Practice being happy without smiling.

[Note: children often show affection by being noisy or wild. They are not trying to annoy you.]

[Image by Zdeněk Chalupský from Pixabay]

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