A short disclaimer. I am NOT a medical expert.

At best, I have interned at a hospital under some surgeons and read some books. This is simply a opinion.

While medicine has come far, there is something to be said about the mind-body connection. It seems that when there is turmoil in the mind, the body manifests turmoils.

For example, if one has a inner problem, they may feel physical headaches or even back pain. So, it would suffice to say that once the inner problem is recognized / dealt with, people’s health problems can diminish.

If you do not believe me (which makes sense considering what the Renaissance did to the mind-body connection in medicine), I HIGHLY recommend watching this video by the deceased Dr. John Sarno of the New York University School of Medicine. It explains everything in a stunning fashion.

If the video is taken down, look up Dr. Sarno’s 20/20 ABC news segment.

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