On Why You are Making Yourself Depressed

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In our current society, depression (and other mental health conditions) have become buzzwords.

  • “Oh, I have depression. I can’t do this.”
  • “I’m just too anxious.”
  • “Because of XYZ, this happens.”

However, people rarely ask why XYZ is occuring.

According to the deceased Albert Ellis, many mental conditions such as depression and anxiety were actually the result of the individual’s own thought processes – even if the individual had biological and genetic tendencies towards the undesirable behavior.

For example, let’s say that you wave at someone, and they don’t wave back. They could not have waved back for any number of reasons. Maybe, they were in their own thoughts. However, if you decide that the person does not like you, then you will be depressed.

In other words:

You think a depressing thought. Then, you feel depressed.

While you cannot always control when a depressing thought comes up, you can decide whether to believe that thought. The alternative is that you remain in a (unfortunate) self-made mental prison till the day you pass.

So, what thoughts are you believing?

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