In a previous post, I mentioned the fear of social judgement.

While the fear of social judgement is a big problem, there is a bigger problem.


Insecurities can come from anywhere – advertisements, peers, family, etc. However, these sources are nothing compared to the worst source of insecurities – ourselves.

We make ourselves feel terrible over our insecurities by running internal propaganda tapes. If you can understand that these propaganda tapes aren’t completely true, then you will start making progress!

It should be noted that some level of insecurity is good – if the insecurity is used as fuel to improve.

Here is a example of how to tackle a insecurity that is perpetuated by society.

Shin is a 21 year old man.

He notices that he is slightly below average in height. He begins to feel insecure. “People will find me unattractive.” Shin begins to talk less and isolates himself.

Here is the solution for Shin:

  1. Acknowledge that not everyone is focusing on your insecurity.
  2. Recognize the positive aspects of the insecurity.
  3. Take action.

This works for any insecurity – just replace the word.

Of course, society may judge your “insecurity.” However, you do not have to accept the feeling of insecurity.

Also, do not forget that other people are insecure as well.

[Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay]

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