On Getting Out of Bed on a Cold Morning

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Five A.M. The alarm goes off. You turn it off. However, you don’t move.

You say, “5 more minutes.”

The warmth of the bed is simply too enticing. You want to move, but you also don’t want to move. A tiny voice in your head says, “I don’t feel like it. It’s too cold.” Sometimes, it is not even that cold.

How do you get out of bed?

Face the cold.

It can’t be the first time you’ve experienced cold.


I have always hated those websites that offer solutions that don’t actually work. While my technique (usually) works for me, I want to add more.

  1. The alarm goes off.
  2. You lay in bed, because its cold.
  3. The idea of facing the cold occurs to you – but, you don’t move because you’re uncomfortable.
  4. Who says that the world has to be uncomfortable? This temporary comfort is actually creating a lot more discomfort for you in life.

Further edit:

I imagine that someone will say, “I read your solutions, but they just don’t work for me! I don’t have the willpower or that secret energy to move.”

Thankfully, you do not need willpower or secret energy. You need to be sincere.

Sincerity is saying, “Even though I don’t have that much power in my current state, I’m going to try and face this problem.”

[Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay]

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