Sometimes, it can feel like life is a uphill battle.

Are you:

  • Rejected from jobs because of your name.
  • Faced with racial slurs.
  • Ostracized because the shape of your eyelids or the size of your nose.
  • Disrespected because of your height or gender.

Discrimination hurts. It can make a person feel unwanted and alone. Additionally, it can make one isolate and avoid new situations.

While there is no solution to racism and discrimination (because one person cannot usually out-muscle the universe), one can apply a rational fix.

The fix is this: recognize that the racist may not be representative of the entire population.

In a population of 30, there may be n=10 racists. While 10 racists is painful and potentially scary, all 30 are not racist – In fact, most are (probably) indifferent.

It may be difficult to deal with racists and discrimination, but it is not impossible.

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